Rehabilitation of WASH facilities in IDPs return Areas of Kuram

Project Title: Rehabilitation of WASH facilities in IDPs return Areas of Kuram Agency FATA (Sub granted to PRSP)

Location: Kuram Agency FATA

Duration: 10thJuly 2016 to 9 January 2017 (06 months)

Funded by: UNOCHA

Project summary:

The proposed Activities will be carried out in Mosazai Tribe of central Kuram Agency FATA .The Returns Communities include Men’s, Womens,Boys and Girls with no access to WASH . Health, Education, shelter and nutrition and other basic services are facing severe problems after return back to military operation and partial sectarian clashes in Kuram Agency FATA. Most of the community infra structures including WASH, Health Facilities, Education Institutions, Roads etc are fully or partially damaged and need to restore on Urgent basis. On their return to their respective areas the returnees found that all the drinking water sources has been damaged  and they have scarce water sources for drinking , washing and cooking. The return communities are using water from damage sources or from few partial rehabilitated water sources .but still have insufficient water to fulfill their daily basis need for drinking, washing and for cooking. The available water whatsoever is highly contaminated and contain various pollutants which is not fit for drinking.About 80%  of the diseases are caused due to unsafe drinking water inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practice. The major disease caused by unsafe drinking water are diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis (A,B and E)  deferent type of intestinal worms etc. There for cleaned drinking water and sanitation and safe sanitation services are considered to be the only way of reducing the chances of these diseases which cause to expend more than 40 % expenses of total income of the household.The main objective of the project  to provide drinking water supply  to return communities school and health facilities as well as sanitation facilities for 4523 returned families including Men, Women ,boys , Girls these will be include the returned communities , 8 educational institutions and 02 health facilities in Masozai tribe of Central Kuram Agency FATA .The installation of tube for community and rehabilitation of WASH facilities in schools and heath facilities are expected to provide them with sufficient amount of water as per SPHERE standards and increased accessibility to this very basic need. The intervention is also expected to reduce the vulnerability of women and Girls that fetch water, to possible abuses. Similarly the proximity and sufficient supply of water also help reduce the queuing time and time taken to go the source and come back home. The intervention will help provide sufficient clean drinking water to schools and health facilities to save the children from de-hydration as well as other water born diseases.The project will directly benefits 4523 HH (27138 individuals) in Kuram Agency returned communities , school going children (boys & Girls) of 08 schools and the 02 health facilities (staff and patients) situated in target areas. The provision of clean drinking water and the safe sanitation education will help create health atmosphere within the community, school, and health facilities.The hygiene education will help change the behavior of the target communities, students and health staff toward use of safe sanitation method. This will also contribute to save environment   for population which is also a cross cutting theme of AHO intervention in the area.